A Man Is Fully Dressed To Impress With A Fine Leather Wallet



There is probably no other accessory as important for a man to make a good impression than his wallet, and I don’t mean just what’s in it, but how it looks and a fine leather wallet always looks good, given care and attention.

It doesn’t matter how well you have dressed up, if you brandish a tired and tatty looking wallet its going to give you a poor image no matter what. However just tie the whole https://walletbagshop.com ensemble together with a quality shiny looking wallet and it helps to make a great overall impression.

So yes a wallet can be as much a status symbol and fashion accessory as a piece of jewellery, but it is of course a practical item too, for keeping all your cards and money in one secure place on your person. Without a wallet, just think how many different pockets stuff would end up in, or fall out of!

If a wallet is a status symbol then that means there are lots of designer brands on the market, but a top designer doesn’t always mean the best or even the most fashionable. These top brands just add a further dimension to choice in the market, for style, color and even materials.

Throughout history the most popular wallets have been and continue to be the leather wallets. Fashions come and go, people and societies change, yet the leather wallet remains. It almost seems immune to these changes as it always looks elegant and adds a certain style. Men normally only purchase a new wallet when their old one finally gives up the ghost and crumbles away. When they do the vast majority still purchase the leather ones. They represent a classic look that never fades away.

Because they are stylish, hard wearing and normally high quality, leather wallets continue to be the best selling form of wallet in the marketplace.

Leather is tough and by inference any man owning a leather wallet can show their more masculine side. It represents an outdoor ruggedness and even after falling into water or being exposed the sun it can remain unharmed. Though I would recommend treating it to some TLC after such occurrences, even leather can’t last forever. A leather wallet is very easy to clean and look after, dirt tends to slide of the surface pretty easily, so a man’s wallet can remain looking almost like new for a very long time.

There is a wide variety of colors of wallets these days, though normally unless the man in your life likes a bit of flamboyance it is always best to go for the traditional dark colors like Brown and Black. The dark colours are always the best for longevity too as these tend to hid the dirt and wear built up over the years better than the more light and colorful wallets.

The great thing about a man’s wallet is the huge variety of designs, types, textures and shapes out there. There is something for every taste and every situation if you are so inclined to change your wallet to go with your wardrobe and situation. You can have a hard wearing rugged looking one for the great outdoors and a nice elegant one for some fine dining. There are Bi-folds and Tri-fold wallets, there are wallets specifically designed to fit into jacket pockets or front or back trouser pockets.

Whoever the person, whatever the style, there is a wallet or wallets out there for every man. A fine leather wallet is a great, simple and practical way to show someone’s style and personality.

Last modified: June 27, 2018

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